Unistrip1 Genric Test Strips

Blood glucose testing meters are the key elements of self-managing and monitoring one’s diabetes. The main goal for anyone living with diabetes is to keep their blood glucose levels at a normal range. Proper self-management of one’s diabetes is extremely important, given how dangerous and potentially deadly the disease is.

With a combination of regularly testing one’s blood glucose levels with a reliable testing meter, maintaining a healthy lifestyle through dieting and exercise, and taking medications as needed, you are taking all of the proper measures to further prevent from enduring any of the several health complications associated with having diabetes.

Testing your blood glucose levels with a high-quality testing meter is of crucial importance, and most meters require blood glucose testing strips. Diabetics with a OneTouch brand testing meter, for instance, can use UniStrip 1 Testing Strips to properly test their blood glucose levels.

The UniStrip 1 Testing Strip is the leading alternative to the OneTouch Ultra Testing Strip, and is compatible with the OneTouch Ultra, OneTouch Ultra 2, OneTouch UltraSmart, and the OneTouch UltraMini blood glucose testing meters.

After undergoing extensive clinical trials, the UniStrip 1 Testing Strip has been offered as a highly accurate and more cost-effective alternative to the more recognized OneTouch Ultra Testing Strips. These specific testing strips are easy-to-use and offer the perfect solution to diabetics that wish to conserve the costs of their diabetic self-management.

Some of the features and specifications of the UniStrip 1 Testing Strip include:

  • 2” x 2” x 2” dimensions
  • Provides the same standard of testing result accuracy, result delivery speed, and high-performance levels as the OneTouch Ultra Testing Strips
  • Has glucose oxidase technology to allow for safer and more accurate results
  • Capillary action that automatically draws the blood sample into the testing strip
  • Approved for alternative testing sites on the body
  • One-third of the price of the OneTouch Ultra Testing Strips
  • FDA approved as a high-quality generic alternative to the OneTouch name brand

Those with diabetes will always continue to seek new ways to overcome the high costs of diabetic self-management, despite their level of income. The UniStrip 1 Testing Strip is the ideal alternative to the more expensive OneTouch Ultra Testing Strips and offers the same level of performance and accuracy.

If you have diabetes and are in search of a blood glucose testing strip that is both cost-effective and compatible with your OneTouch Ultra Blood Glucose Test Meter, then the UniStrip 1 Testing Strip may just be perfect for you.

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