EMBRACE Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Embrace, EmbraceEVO, EmbracePRO

The Embrace Blood Glucose Meter provides accurate results using a very small blood sample and zero coding technology to prevent from making an error when testing your blood glucose levels.

Ideal for diabetics that have a visual impairment, the Embrace Blood Glucose Meter features a large display screen with full voice functionality to guide users through the steps of testing, as well as to hear the user’s test results out loud.

The Embrace Blood Glucose Meter offers many features and benefits, such as:

  • Bilingual vice function (Spanish and English)
  • No code technology
  • Requires only a small 0.6 microliter blood sample
  • Alternate site testing
  • Sip-in sampling (capillary action)
  • Automatic on/off feature
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 6 second test results
  • 14-day+ averaging
  • 300 test memory
  • Large, easy-to-read display screen
  • Compatible with Embrace Blood Glucose Test Strips

For an inquiry on the Embrace Blood Glucose Meter Kit, the contents include:

  • The Embrace Blood Glucose Meter
  • Log book
  • User manual
  • Quick reference guide
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Deluxe carrying case
  • Instructions in English and Spanish

Other products from the Embrace product line of blood glucose meters include the EmbraceEVO and the EmbracePRO. All of these meters are easy-to-use, highly accurate, and provide results quickly and effectively as to take as little time as possible out of your day.

What’s especially great about these 3 meters is that they’re specifically designed for diabetics of certain levels of severity and distinct health issues caused as a result of having long-term diabetes.

As mentioned prior, the Embrace Blood Glucose Meter is perfectly designed for diabetics with vision problems, which is a common health complication due to having diabetes for a prolonged period of time.

The EmbraceEVO Blood Glucose Meter is specifically designed for diabetics who live an active lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle is extremely important for those with diabetes as it can prevent from further health problems to ensue, such as: heart disease, kidney disease, glaucoma, stroke, nerve damage and so much more.

The EmbracePRO Blood Glucose Meter is trusted by healthcare professionals to deliver blood glucose readings with the highest standard of accuracy and reliability. It offers high-performance delivery at an affordable cost.

The EmbraceIt mobile app is great for sharing and keeping record of your test results! With a direct link to Health2Sync through the EmbraceIt mobile app, you can quickly share your results with your doctor and keep tabs on your progress by manually entering your results into the app.

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