Wrist Braces for Diabetic Patients

What is a Wrist Brace and What is it Used For?

A wrist brace is a protective garment that is used to allow for the healing process to ensue after a wrist-related injury. It also protects the wrist from experiencing further injury during the healing process through its ability to immobilize the wrist joints and provide compression to the wrist ligaments.

Typically made up of rigid tissue fabrics, like neoprene and nylon, wrist braces are primarily worn for purposes of rehabilitation of an afflicted trauma to the wrist. For wrist injuries, with or without a bone fracture, wrist braces immobilize the wrist into a neutral position as to minimize the amount of stress to the wrist’s repair site.

Reasons for Wearing a Wrist Brace

Most commonly used by athletes that participate in high-intensity sports like bodybuilding, weight-lifting, tennis, hockey, rugby, etc., wrist braces are helpful in that they add pressure around the wrist to prevent from experiencing a muscle sprain or strain.

Although wrist braces are primarily worn by athletes that engage in sports that involve a lot of use of the wrist, there are several everyday activities that may cause wrist pain. Some of these everyday activities include:

  • Typing on the computer
  • Heavy or repetitive lifting
  • Playing video games
  • Writing
  • Utilizing working tools
  • Painting

For those that experience wrist pain, wearing a wrist brace could be highly beneficial. Wrist pain doesn’t just happen randomly; it is caused by some sort abnormal/repetitive wrist movement or trauma. If one were to simply ignore the wrist pain, they could be potentially ignoring an issue that is far more serious than just minor wrist pain.

A prime example of an issue that could be the source of wrist pain is carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by a pressure on the wrist’s median nerve, which runs through the arm, enters through a passageway in the wrist (the carpal tunnel), and ultimately ends in the hand.

Those that experience carpal tunnel syndrome may feel a numbing and tingling sensation in the hand that can prove to be extremely painful and uncomfortable. If one were experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome and neglects treatment of any kind, the symptoms could become much more prolonged or become much worse.

Wearing a wrist brace is the ideal solution for those that experience carpal tunnel syndrome. By wearing a wrist brace, it minimizes the pressure on the wrist’s median nerve, thus allowing for a period of rest of wrist movement to aid in the overall healing process.

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