Knee Braces for Diabetic Patients

What is a Knee Brace and How Does it Work?

A knee brace is a supportive garment primarily worn to prevent from enduring a knee-related injury, as well as aid in the healing process of an existing knee injury. Knee braces come in various designs, sizes, and colors and are made up of different combinations of elastic, plastic, foam, and metallic materials.

Knee braces work by supporting the ligaments of the knee and controlling certain movements to provide protection against excessive or abnormal knee movements. It also applies a degree of compression to keep the knee within a fixed position as to aid in preventing a knee injury from occurring.

What Kind of Knee Braces Are There?

Knee braces are worn for a variety of reasons and there are many knee braces available to the public that are customized to cater to the specified reason for needing to wear a knee brace. Knee braces typically fall into one of four different categories, which include functional braces, prophylactic braces, unloader braces and rehabilitative braces.

Based on a recommendation made by your doctor upon examining your knee, they will decide what kind of knee brace that you should wear for your specific condition.

The specifications of the four types of knee braces are as follows:

  • Functional Braces – Worn primarily for those that have already suffered a knee-related injury in the past, in which it stabilizes and controls knee motion to prevent from another injury to occur.
  • Rehabilitative Braces – These braces are typically intended for those that are recovering from a knee surgery, keeping the knee stable and limiting mobility during the healing process.
  • Prophylactic Braces – These types of braces are worn primarily by athletes or anyone that regularly engages in high-performance physical activity. They’re intended to prevent an injury from occurring when engaging in an athletic physical activity (i.e. football, basketball, soccer, etc.)
  • Unloader Braces – Designed specifically to relieve inflammation and pain in those with arthritis in their knees, these braces shift the weight from the knee’s damaged area to the knee’s stronger area.

So if you are an athlete, or someone who participates in some form of high-intensity physical activity on a regular basis, then wearing a knee brace may be very beneficial for you. By wearing a knee brace, you optimizing your chances of never having to endure the pain and/or additional complications associated with mild-to-highly severe knee injuries.

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