Back Braces for Diabetic Patients

Back Pain Facts and Statistics

An estimated 60-80% of adults in the U.S. experience chronic back pain, equaling out to an astounding number of approximately 31 million Americans. Back pain, being the single leading cause of worldwide disabilities according to a Global Burden of Disease Study, is a serious problem that plagues the lives of men and women from all walks of life.

In most cases, back pain is caused mechanically and/or non-organically. This means that most back pain cases are not caused by pre-existing conditions, such as: an infection, inflammatory arthritis, obesity, cancer, bone loss (osteoporosis), kidney stones, weak or undeveloped spinal muscles, etc.

Back pain is mainly caused by regular muscle and ligament strain due to poor posture, accidental injuries (sports, vehicular accident, etc.), psychological stress, sleeping disorders, muscle tension, improper lifting of heavy objects, so the list goes on.

Between doctor visits, pain relief medications, surgeries, and various physical therapies, Americans spend about $50 billion annually on their back pain management. For any of these millions of Americans that are in need of managing their chronic back pain, there are solutions that are both cost-effective and can provide lifetime relief.

What is a Back Brace and Why Are Back Braces Necessary?

A great solution for managing one’s back pain is to wear a back brace – an orthotic device designed to support, treat, and immobilize muscle joints to improve posture and prevent against progressive back pain-related conditions. With a large variety of different types of back braces that are customized to treat specific back problems (lower back pain, mid back pain, etc.) available for those in need, anyone with back pain can be treated at a low cost.

For uninsured patients, back brace costs could range from $40 - $1,000. This, of course, takes into account whether the back brace is custom-fitted, custom-made, the specific material used, size and style, whether the brace is prefabricated, and brand name. Most insurers cover all, if not most, of the coverage costs for a back brace prescribed by a general practitioner or primary care physician.

Back braces have worked for many Americans with even the most severe cases of back pain. There are many benefits for wearing a back brace, all of which health to provide pain relief, promote the healing of what may be causing the back pain, and acts as a preventative measure for future health complications.

Some of the more prevalent benefits for wearing a back brace includes:

  • Alleviating back pain in general
  • Immobilizing injured areas to assist in back pain recovery
  • Stabilizing weak areas immediately following a back surgery
  • Lessening the strain and spinal pressure during strenuous physical activity
  • Improving posture and elongation of the spine
  • A great alternative to surgery as a non-invasive treatment method
  • Maintaining comfort during transitional movements
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